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Arnie Swim was founded in July 2020, by an Australian who followed her heart to the Middle East. From growing up with her feet in the sand on the Gold Coast, to ending up in Dubai where Summer never ends; it was only a matter of time that something beautiful came from her love of the ocean.

The brand was born as an ode to her late father and an outlet for her passion, creating a perfect mix of heart, soul, sand and sea.

The legacy of a very special man named Arnie is one that runs deeply throughout the veins of Arnie Swim. Beauty is not only skin deep, and this brand aims to prove that with meaning and sentiment behind each and every piece.

Arnie Swim embodies purity, laughter, confidence, wisdom, individuality, acceptance, fearlessness and vibrancy - all things that Arnie was, and we hope you feel when wearing your Arnie.

Don't sweat the small stuff, find the beauty in it instead.

Arnie Swim.


(Gold Coast, CIRCA 1993, before swimsuits were needed)